Why Choose DKM?

Mission Statement

Discovery Kidzone Montessori School honors the imagination, mind, heart and developmental
experiences for the infant, pre-school and kindergarten child. We strive to cultivate each child’s natural desire to learn and to foster his/her curiosity and love of knowledge. Guided by the work of Maria Montessori and combined with the latest research in developmental practice, we create an environment where children are inspired to realize their academic, personal and social potential.

Discovery Kidzone utilizes the Bible as the foundation of learning and recognizing Christ as the Master Teacher. It is dedicated to providing a strong academic program while offering unique opportunities for extracurricular activities such as music, fine arts, science, yoga and gymnastics.

At Discovery Kidzone, your child is never “just another number.” They are important members of our
school community. Meeting their individual needs and growth as a well-rounded human being is a
responsibility we take very seriously. Our classrooms are filled with a wide variety of constantly changing finely crafted learning materials that will captivate and encourage children who are motivated to learn.

Through research and development Rachel Supalla has created a curriculum that is full of literacy rich material and creative theme based units. We teach children to practice fine art at a developmentally appropriate level that sparks a love and understanding for art at a young age. At Discovery Kidzone our highly qualified teachers work together to individualize your child’s curriculum using state of the art online observation and record keeping software. The students at our school understand that “creating + learning = FUN” and they thrive because of it!

The Montessori Method emphasizes the simple truth that children learn best when allowed to discover concepts on their own. Students are encouraged to explore, experiment, and practice skills in many different ways using concrete manipulatives. As each skill is mastered, teachers introduce a new challenge that prepares them for more abstract concepts to come. Teachers prepare the classroom
carefully with what the child will need and thereby set the student up for success.

The classrooms are beautiful, child-centered, warm and inviting learning environments where students are free to move around the room, work with others, or practice a task independently. Teachers may work with one or two students at a time or demonstrate a new concept to the group. Learning respect for others, fostering their own intelligence, and developing a sense of self confidence and independence are the ultimate goals of a Montessori student’s education. Montessori methods allow students to learn the value of doing things for themselves, developing strong work habits, and fostering a solid sense of responsibility. These characteristics will benefit them during their entire academic careers and throughout their adult lives.